Manufacturing and waste management facilities operating under Environmental Protection Agency licences are subject to a wide range of conditions relating to contaminated land and environmental risk.

The EPA’s contaminated land and groundwater framework, requires a tiered approach to the assessment and management of contaminated land that includes:

  • Stage 1: Site Characterisation & Assessment
  • Stage 2: Corrective Action Feasibility & Design
  • Stage 3: Corrective Action Implementation & Aftercare

ERS has an established track record assessing contaminated land risks for the IPPC, IED and Waste licensed sectors.  Services typically sought by operators include:

Environmental liability assessments for ELRA and CRAMP reporting

ERS has a successful track record in preparing ELRA and CRAMP reports for licensees, and in providing Loss Control & Risk Engineering support to the insurance industry providing specialist Environmental Liability Insurance policies to underwrite unknown liabilities to satisfy Financial Provision requirements.

Closure & Licence Surrender Requirements

When a licensed activity ultimately ceases and the licence needs to be surrendered to the EPA, a formal application and technical negotiation ensues between the licensee and the EPA to ensure that the activity is closed without leaving behind an environmental impact and legacy.  This includes implementation of the closure plan and completion of an Independent Closure Audit.  ERS has successfully achieved licence surrender for several clients:

  • Pharmaceutical manufacturing
  • Wood treatment
  • Receiver appointed over a historic tannery facility